Focal Point Photos was established in 2001 by Sharlene Ferguson as a boutique
photo service for inspiring people & progressive companies.
The studio holds a diverse portfolio that shows adaptability and experience.
Providing awesome imagery, documenting significant events and capturing
emotion and connection for marketing content, PR & personal enjoyment. 
Based in AK, NZ and always happy to travel abroad. 

Focusing on your needs, your vision, your desired results
Developing creative solutions
Staying open and adaptable
Dedicated to delivering awesome results

Photographer - Sharlene Ferguson

Sharlene Ferguson is a full time photographer & entrepreneur in the great city of Auckland, NZ. When she’s not photographing, she can be found having adventures in NZ nature or jet-setting to interesting places around the world.  She adores her family & friends, loves to dress up and delights in laughing out loud.


"I love serving the world by empowering people to see how awesome they are,
by making a difference and by being happy."